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Now to tell you the truth male Pregnancy was possible but very rare, Odd enough it was super common in the small town of Pelican, near Gem sea and within Ferngill Republic. The sworn enemies of Gotoro Empire. It was odd the small shop keeper Pierre got knocked up, He said it was from the damn wizard. He was currently 8 months pregnant and Abigail had to help him with his shop now that he was near due with her little brothers. He was expecting twins. And his wife Caroline helped customers, Pierre normally ran the shop by himself but now he needed all the help he could get. The villagers knew he was pregnant by the wizard’s magic but they didn’t dare say it to Pierre that they knew. Only Harvey the local doctor could keep away with calling him pregnant. Harvey, his wife and daughter were the only ones. He misses eating seafood a lot but he knew he had to care for another little lives inside of him. He was resting on Wednesday, His day off, the door was locked and Caroline let Abigail go but she decided to skip her lunch time with Jodi because Pierre would worry himself into an early labor if she left him alone. The door sung open, it was probably Abigail or Mayor Lewis. But when Caroline checked she frowned. “Morris. You have a lot of nerves coming in here.” She let out a small growl. He smiled evilly. “Why don’t you just get Pierre and let the men talk little lady?” Oh thank Yoba her daughter just walked in or she would be decking Morris’s lights out. “I’m sorry but I’m asking you to leave. Now.” Morris chuckled a bit. “Come Now, Pretend I’m a consumer and get your husband.” Abigail having heard enough and knowing her mother was not trying to let on that her dad was currently 8 months with twins she stepped in. “Hey asshat!” She yelled. “Mom asked you nicely but I’m not even going to ask, I’m going to tell you! Get out! Now!” Pierre wanted so badly to help his family but he was told by Doctor Harvey so many times to rest and not to pick a fight with Morris or even see his face. He had enough stress as it was. Morris was pushed out by the two women in his life. They didn’t want him to hurt himself while carrying the two little ones. Abigail rushed to her father after hearing the old wooden boards creak. “Dad, you should be resting!” She scolded him. She too worried very deeply about her father like her mother, She was a natural worrier. Pierre rubbed the beach ball he called a stomach. “I want to kick his ass for being so rude.” Pierre felt the worry from his daughter and saw the worried look in his wife’s eyes from across the room. “I’ll get back in bed for you two and the boys.” He told them and he ended up resting the rest of the day while his wife cooked him dinner and didn’t let Abby add her rocks that she loved to eat. Pierre was not a natural worrier but with the boys inside him things changed. He slept in that Thursday, and boy did he struggle to get ready for the day without his wife’s help.    He was mad at himself for sleeping in late. But Abigail was there to tell him to not go out into the store area so naturally he waddled towards the store area and his blood boiled. Morris was handing out 50% coupons to get Pierre’s customers.  Morris turned pale as a bed sheet when he saw the current state Pierre was in. “YOUR PREGNANT?!?!?” He shouted. Pierre was now being held back by both Abigail and Caroline for he was ready to kill Morris. Morris left in a hurry with his new customers. Pierre may look small but he could throw a mean punch. But now his family had to keep him from murdering Morris and keeping him from going into an early labor. Abigail was the one to keep her mostly level headed father for going out there and kicking Morris’s ass. Abigail calmed him down and he was forced to rest the rest of the day. Abigail’s orders. On Friday he was running his shop like normally, He usually went to the pub on a day like this but now he had to worry about smokers and drinking and too much stress. His wife got him some pasta from Gus’s place. Soon about three days later a new famer moved in. Pierre got his seed stock out and ready for spring. Abigail carried it for him claiming he should be resting with a stomach like his but he helped anyway. The farmer was a huge and tan and freckled looking man, Huge like he was muscle bound and tall. He smiled softly like a gentle giant. “Hey, I like to buy 5 potato seeds and are you alright sir? I mean standing on your feet while pregnant isn’t good while you’re so far along.” Pierre decided to let it slide because he was the new guy. The new farmer carried the potatoes seeds himself and sat Pierre down telling him resting would help him legs if they were sore. Pierre nodded. “M…my name’s Pierre.” Boy did he feel smaller even yet compared to this man.  The farmer smiled softly. “Name’s McIntosh but everyone calls me Big Mac.” Pierre nodded softly. He seemed like a nice guy. He paid and left with the stuff. Pierre worked less though out the day needing to rest his feet and legs a lot. Caroline took over in a week to let Pierre and the two little ones rest. Pierre was relaxing at the bar on a Friday. No smoking was allowed by Sebastian and he didn’t care. Pierre was near due anyway. Gus didn’t like Morris at all and it started to rain. Morris came in soaked to the bone after 5 minutes after the rain started, Pierre bit the inside of his cheek to keep from cussing that man out. Same with Gus. He sent Emily over there. “Hi sir, What can I get for you?” She asked sweetly. Even though she held nothing but rage towards that man for all his deeds to Pierre. “Nothing, I rather just speak to someone..” He seemed like a dog with his tail between his legs. “A guy named Pierre.” She pointed towards the joja Cola machine and the couches. Emily frowned. “Just don’t sit down. Your soaking wet and I have to clean the couches later today.” Morris nodded and left to Pierre who was resting with a large baby bump and he was next to Abigail. She glared him down but said nothing. “Lisen Pierre….” Morris began. “I know I did steal your consumers and tried to blackmail you many times but I didn’t know you were expecting another child. And I am so sor-“ “Sorry doesn’t undo what happened” Pierre said glaring at Morris but not as meanly as Abigail. “Just leave. I’m sure Gus will let you borrow an umbrella and maybe you can get a nice meal, to go.” Pierre was trying his best to be kind towards the man who was ruining his life. Morris just left the way he came in, Tail between his legs. Soon after just three weeks the community center was up and running again. All thanks to the quite yet hardworking Farmer. Morris grumbled about his customers gone and saw that everyone was in the community center. He was in shock. “What?! They are all here?!” Pierre struggled to get up with Caroline’s help he got up. “How does it feel?” He asked sharply and cruelly. He waddled right up to Morris. Pierre didn’t care he was only days away from having the twins. He wanted to fight. Morris straight out refused even when Pierre mocked the Joja name. “I’m not fighting someone who is pregnant and water could break!” Morris did have a heart when it came to expecting mothers. Caroline was ready to scold Pierre for trying to fight when Morris surprised everyone with a punch to Pierre’s face. He quickly blocked it.  Morris didn’t have a huge heart it was a small one. “That’s for mocking the Great name of Joja!” Pierre let it go not wanting to go into labor right then and there. He rallied the townspeople to boycott Joja Mart. It was very easy seeing how the manager was pissed and tried to hit someone days away from labor. Morris was in shock. “I’m done for!” He mumbled and he rushed out of there because George who was old and weak wanted to kick Morris’s ass for hitting someone who was pregnant. Clint, Lewis and Gus all made she the door was locked and let Pierre rest on the new couches. The quite farmer left after getting his reward to ‘talk’ to Morris. “Morris.” He grumbled. Morris turned around to see the biggest man he’s even seen in his life. “Uhm…H…Hi….” “You know that you can quit your job and work for me if you want too.” Morris was surprised but refused and left town. The farmer then hired Shane to care for the chickens on his farm. Big Mac was a very nice guy. And he was falling in love with Abigail. One night Pierre was about 3 days overdue and waddled into the graveyard to fetch Abigail. “Abigail, Your mother wants you to cook dinner tonight!” He did not look happy at all. Abigail normal would run away or ignore her father but now she wanted to make sure he got inside alright due to it raining and him being past his due date. But she did run off with Big Mac and hid in a bush with him. Later that night Big Mac found Pierre semi crying and under a tree. “Pierre, Sorry about earlier…You know that I do care about your daughter and you and your wife, You’re a good family.” Pierre was trying to hold back tears. “I don’t want to lose her…” He finally sobbed. “She’s my family and she hates me Because I don’t let her go into the mines and I don’t want her too. I’m scared to lose her.” Big Mac nodded and had Abigail and Pierre sit down and talk things out.

Stardew face I knocked up Pierre from stardew valley. :heart: Anyway, Enjoy. :D
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